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My name is Viktorija. I am the founder of the "My name is a Dancer" brand, but first and foremost I am a dance teacher, dancer, and a mother. The idea to create beautiful and functional clothes for dancers and all those who admire dance came when I had my head turned for the umpteenth time and thought of where to order skirts for the girls' ballet group this season...? Where do parents go to get a sun flare skirt for school dance class…? Where to find uniform, good quality, but at an affordable price, leotards for the whole group of dancers?

It seems that from the time I was a student and dancer myself, then a dance student, to now, when I have been working as a dance teacher for more than a decade, raising my own children who have already started dancing, there have been too few changes in the supply of dance paraphernalia in our country. My and my students' parents' searches were often accompanied by disappointment, or simply "not finding", so I decided to create something that I like first, something that was needed in my environment for a long time and what I now want to present and offer to you.