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Group orders

We design and sew rehearsal outfits for your dance schools, collectives or groups. We can create an exclusive image of the entire dance school, starting from the smallest to the biggest dancers, and not forgetting the teachers. We design and sew not only rehearsal clothes, but also warm-up clothes - jumpers, trousers, leggings, as well as stage costumes. We embroider logos, names of dance schools and groups on the clothes you choose. We are always happy to advise, take into account your wishes, needs and wishes, coordinate all the details, help you choose the right size of clothes and you can enjoy the unique image of your dance school or group.
We apply discounts for group orders (from 10 units)!
For more detailed information, contact us by phone - 867101097
Individually designed and sewn dance clothes - non-exchangeable and non-returnable.